Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How Podcasting Can Help You Sell More Books

Podcasting can be a great promotional tool for authorsEasily Create a Podcast. Free to Start.

If you are like many authors, you are probably looking for new and exciting ways to get the word out about your business. Well, there is a way that you can do that without having a huge marketing budget. In fact, you can even start your very own professional podcast for free, using a service called blog talk radio.

Blogtalkradio came onto the scene in 2006, offering a platform for amateur radio show hosts to launch their own radio shows online. Since its inception, the site has allowed regular everyday people to interview some of the biggest names in entertainment, media and other arenas.

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is derived from the words 'broadcasting' and ipod. The most popular format of a podcast is MP3, which is a type of audio file. It is a form of audio broadcasting on the internet.

Podcasting became linked to the ipod because people would download the broadcasts to listen to them on their ipods.

Now, you can listen to a podcast on virtually any device, from your desktop computer to your smartphone, to your tablet.

You can record your talk radio style podcasts from home and share them with people all over the world.

People like to hear from authors, so you could actually use this platform to interview other authors, or to do readings from your book.

If your book is nonfiction, you can use a podcast to share your expertise on a particular subject.

How can podcasting work for me?

Think podcasting wouldn't work for you. Ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you passionate about a particular subject?
2. Does your book touch on a subject that you could build a show around?
3. Do you feel comfortable talking about a subject?

These are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself.

Then, sit down with a pen and paper and write down your show ideas.

Authors On Tour is a great example of podcasting that focuses on interviewing authors. It is a live broadcast of authors being interviewed at Tattered Cover Book Store with three locations in Colorado. 

So, if you have been looking for ways to promote your book, consider starting your own podcast.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three Ways To Boost Confidence And Self Esteem

Building self confidence ultimately leads to a more positive outlook on life.

We all need to know how to boost confidence and self esteem if we intend on being successful in life.

Having a negative outlook on life shows in our actions and in our everyday dealings with people.

It shows in our posture, and comes out in our words.

Confidence is a feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of their own abilities or qualities.

It means that you believe in yourself and in the things that you have set out to accomplish.

In this post I am going to share with you three ways that I have found to boost confidence and self esteem. Give them a try and then tell me how they work for you.

1. Sit up straight. According to Oprah.com, a person who sits up straight has more confidence in their thoughts than slouchers. Practice this: imagine that there is a balloon over your head and that holding your head up straight is what keeps the balloon in the air. Every time you sit up straight, the balloon rises, and so does your body. Every time you slouch, this balloon starts to fall and lose air. Practice doing this everyday and watch your posture improve. 

2. Become a blogger. An article on the Huffington Post suggests that blogging your innermost feelings helps to boost confidence because it encourages writing. The key is to pour out your most intimate and agonized entries twice a week for two months and leave your posts open for comments.

3. Look in the mirror and talk to yourself. The third thing you can do to boost confidence and self esteem is to use positive affirmations. Stand in front of the mirror and literally tell yourself what you are. Your affirmations should focus on your future goals. For example, you would look at yourself and say, "I am one smart lady (or man). "I am the best writer in the world." I am an international, best-selling author." Positive affirmations help to build the positive vibes and energy you need in your life to help you stay focused on what it is that you really want in life. Click here here to watch a great video by Louise L. Hay about self esteem affirmations.

If you don't know me personally, I am Dr. Sandra N. Peoples and I help inspire people to do good things in life.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Five Freelance Writing Jobs For Writers

Are you a freelance writer,or someone who is looking to get started as one?

 How about an author, looking for more writing opportunities, or ways to really boost your income as a writer?
 If you are like me, you are probably tired of looking for real jobs for writers.
With all the scams online, it is hard to fine online writing jobs that actually pay anything.
In my ebook, Writers Wanted: Five Freelance Writing Jobs For Writers, I introduce you to five real writing opportunities that actually pay you enough to make a real living off of.
 I'm not talking about all the content mills out there that pay you pennies on the dollars.
 These are real writing opportunities that pay you hundreds and thousands of dollars per client.
 This book also gives you the details about a writing program that teaches you a sought after skill that will allow you to earn top dollar as a writer.
So, if you have been wondering how to become a writer, then this book will show you how to get started as soon as this week. Start your writing career off on the right foot.
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Monday, July 7, 2014

Does Your Freelance Writer Help You Stand Out?

Have you ever considered hiring a freelance writer? If you are like many entrepreneurs, your answer is probably no. Not because you don't want to, but because you more than likely may not understand just what a freelance writer does, and how working with one can help your business to stand out.

What is a freelance writer?

According to dictionary.com, a freelance (writer) is a person who works as a writer, selling work or services by the hour, day, job, etc, instead of working a regular salaried job for an employer.

Freelance writers do just that-write. They generally do not do any design work, they simply write. For instance, if you visit a website, more than likely, the site was designed by a graphic designer, and a writer wrote the content. Working with a freelance writer may be an expensive feat, but it is well worth the investment if the writer is skilled in the area of which you hired them to write for.

A freelance writer can help your business to grow because they can handle all of the marketing tasks you will have to take on, such as blogging, writing fundraising letters and the like, so that you don't have to hire anyone to come in an do that. This in turn frees you up to do other work within your company.

Freelance writers can specialize in certain niches, such as copywriting and editing, or finance companies and medical facilities. A specialized freelance writer knows how to speak to the needs of a certain industry and can write pieces that will attract the kind of clients you are looking for.

An SEO copywriter is one who can help your company to be found on line by optimizing your promotional content for the web to be easily found by search engines. This simply means that if someone is looking for the types of products or services that your company offers during an online search, your company will more than likely be found.

So, a hiring a freelance writer can be a great way to help your business stand out by taking the stress off of you in the marketing department.

If you are looking for a freelance writer to help you with a project, click here.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Walk In Victory Not Defeat

I walk in victory, not defeat!

I dare you to look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself this; not just today, but every single day of your life!
Why? Because you are a victor, not a victim and you walk in victory, not defeat!
You have not been beaten.
You may have been knocked down, but all you need to do is get back up, dust yourself off and try again.

I can remember back in 2008 when I thought that I had been defeated.
I had been pushed so low in my life that I was ready to end my life.
But God had a much bigger plan in place for me.

I decided that I was not going to let me circumstances dictate my life!
Circumstances can be changed; you just have to want to change them.
And when you want to change something, you get out and do what you have to do in order to see a change.

I walk in victory, not defeat!

Remember those words as you go through your day today. 

Until next time,
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Monday, May 19, 2014

You Can Publish Your Book For Free

Authors, Share Your Book with Millions of Readers Yes! You can publish your book for free using the free publishing tools provided by Amazon's Createspace. For many authors, the dream of becoming published has often been met with procrastination because of the high costs associated with getting a book into print. Publishing a book can be very expensive indeed. There is the cost of having a professional cover designed, getting an ISBN number, hiring a proofreader and editor...shall I go on. Well, Amazon's Createspace offers many tools to help the aspiring author publish their own books for free. Get access to FREE book publishing tools, resources, and a growing online community of authors. Learn how.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Secret To Selling Books

Why is some authors seem to be selling books by the truckload, and you can't seem to move one?

Is there some magic code that they have access to that you don't?


The truth is, most authors do not sell more than two books per month, and only a handful manages to master the secret to selling books by the thousands.

It's called work!

Excuse my french, but most authors are lazy when it comes to promoting their books.

They sit back and wait for someone else to do all of the work for them, while they rake in the profits.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but if you don't make some effort to sell your own books, you will forever be a starving artist--literally.

Maybe you don't have a huge marketing budget of which to hire a publicist and a PR team, but there are some free ways that you can start to drum up some sales.

Do more than your friends and family even know about your book? Most self-published authors never see past selling books to the people they know and talk to on a regular basis. What about the people who could really benefit from your book but will never hear about it?

You should make it a point to let at least two people know about your book everyday. That's an easy goal to hit; just introduce yourself to two fresh faces who have no idea that you are an author, and ask them to check out your book.

Make fliers. People still look at those and a catchy one will at least make it to the potential readers home. Start passing those babies out.

Start networking more. Don't treat the fact that you are an author like some hidden hobby that no one should know about. Share your profession with everyone you come into contact with.

Don't just accept friends on social media; introduce yourself to them as you accept requests and let them know about your book. You would surprised at how many people will support you just because.

Hopefully I said something to help you.

Until next time,

Friday, March 7, 2014

What Makes You Want To Write?

This post if for my readers who also happen to be authors. If you are like me, you have that one song that has the right music, the right beat, that gets your fingers moving across the keyboard. One song that gets me writing, (because I write books mainly about bad relationships) is  The Worst by Jhene` Aiko.
I am greatly inspired by different genres of music. I pick the type of music that matches my mood. Nothing special.
If I am in a real pissy mood, I pick a song that matches that. (It seems like this mood helps me to write some of my best scenes by the way :)
What kind of music do you write to?
What makes you want to write?
Please share your comments below.

 Until next time,

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's Hard To Build A Brand

Branding is one of the hardest things a business person has to face. But not taking the time to do it could actually cost you your business.

I hate branding.

Yes, I said it!

It takes way too much time and effort.

The problem is if you are not sure early on exactly what you want your message to be, you will find yourself being very frustrated and very confused. You will also start sending mixed signals to your audience; and eventually they will not want to follow you anymore.

I speak from experience.

I started out in 2004 publishing books. I started a company called Blackberry Literary Services.

I knew from the start that I wanted to become known as the person that people could come to that were serious about publishing their own books.

So, I came up with a slogan and a logo and I began to put those on everything.

I had my elevator speech down pat.

People knew me as the person who had them covered when it came to self-publishing.

But then a few unfortunate things happened to me in my life that caused me to doubt my business.

I started focusing on other things.

One week I was the book publisher.

The next week I was the invitation girl.

After that, I was the nursing assistant.

You see, I had branded myself as the self-publishing expert in Flint.

But then I started trying to become something else.

So, when people would say "don't you help people publish books," I would say, "yes, sometimes."

Soon, my referrals stopped. People weren't telling their friends about me anymore.

I went from making $5,000 a month, down to nothing.


I had built a brand, then destroyed it with my own hands (and mouth).

That's why I say that building a brand is hard and I hate doing it.

You can't change your mind, or else you have to change the whole damn thing! (Pardon my french.)

That is why it is so important to make sure that the business you go into is one that you won't get bored doing, and is one that has a strong customer base.

'Cause we all know that when the customers dry up, so does the moolah.

And if your business is not bringing in the cash, you don't have a business.

Since then, I have changed my business structure, but now I have learned that you don't have to put your eggs in one basket.

I have learned that I can still be the book girl, and when people come to me with things outside of what I do, outside of my brand, I can point them to someone who can help and still get paid. ( I will explain this more in another post)

But this way, I don't get burned out, and I don't have to stray from my brand.

So, what kind of brand are you trying to build? Tell me about it.

Do you agree that building a brand is hard, or has your experience been different from mine.

Let's talk about it.

Until next time,

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Meet Natsuya Uesugi, author of the sci-fi novel "grydscaen beginnings"


Natsuya Uesugi is a systems analyst and has worked in the design of aerospace, semiconductor and financial systems. With a Master’s Degree in International Management and a minor in Japanese, Natsuya has been around computers most of his life. He also studied animation and game design in Art School, where he finalized the character designs and personalities for the main characters of grydscaen. He enjoys skydiving, cosplay, anime and writing poetry. He would like to make a graphic novel of grydscaen some day. 

Grydscaen: Beginnings 

Excerpt – Sample

Copyright © 2011 by Natusya Uesugi. ISBN 978-1-4628-8673-9
CHAPTER 1: Ameliano “Lino” Dejarre
It was early evening. Lino was ten. He was standing in front of his mother, Julianna. She was wearing a black satin evening gown with a plunging neckline, black pearls around her neck and black long gloves. She was leaning down and fixing the cuffs on Lino’s pants. He was wearing a suit with a black jacket, a black tie and a white shirt. Riuho was seated on the bench in the hallway of the palace swinging his feet back and forth, he had on a suit jacket, white shirt and black shorts. He put his fingers in his mouth and started sucking on them.
“Stop that Riuho,” said Julianna, his mother. Riuho took his hands out of his mouth and continued swinging his feet. He was nine, one year younger than Lino.
Lino’s mother stood up as the nanny approached them. The nanny was wearing a maid uniform in black and white with a lace hat on her head. She had a white apron tied around her waist. She took Riuho’s hand and he stood up and then she came over to Lino.
“Time to go,” said Lino’s mother and pushed him towards the nanny. The nanny took his hand and walked with Lino and Riuho into the Phoenix Ballroom.
The guests were milling about the hall. There was wait staff passing out drinks. This was the state dinner for the Prime Minister. Julianna went over to Lino’s father, Charles Dejarre, the Viceroy. He was wearing an elaborate outfit with epaulets in a military style. His outfit was a long coat with tails, a vest, a white shirt with lace cuffs, ruffles around the neck and red and gold embellishments. He was an opposing man, very tall with brown hair and dark eyes. He put out his arm to Julianna and waited at the back of the Phoenix Ballroom. The imperial anthem began to play and the Viceroy walked with Julianna up the center of the room to the throne. He released her arm and she sat down in the smaller of the two thrones and posed herself in the chair. Charles sat down next to her. The crowd clapped. Charles put his hand out to the side and Justine, the Viceroy’s Trance Channeler appeared from the side of the platform and came to stand to Charles’ left. Justine was wearing a white Trance Channeler jumpsuit with straps, a long white cape with an elaborate collar and a white headdress. The ends of her fingers were covered with long pointed silver rings. She bowed to the Viceroy and took up her place. Charles raised his arm and the Prime Minister came out from the other side of the stage and stood in front of the Viceroy. Charles began to speak as the music died down.
“Today we honor the Prime Minister, Alistair Junesse for his work on the political treaty with the Inlan Islands. Please show him your respect. And enjoy yourselves this night.”
Music began to play again as the Prime Minister turned toward the audience and the Viceroy and his wife, Julianna got up and came down from the platform to mingle with the crowd. Julianna went over to the nanny and started speaking with her.
Riuho was restless, he stuck out his foot and pulled away from the nanny who was holding his hand. Lino just stood by the nanny without causing any problems.
“Go play with your brother in the garden,” said Julianna to Lino. The nanny released Riuho’s hand and Lino came over and pushed Riuho out to the left of the Phoenix Ballroom past Justine and around the corner.
The nanny stayed in the hall talking to Julianna for a while, and then went to the pantry to prepare some food for Lino and Riuho. Julianna went back to her husband and mingled with the crowd. Julianna engaged the Prime Minister’s wife. The Viceroy left her and went to talk to some ministers from the United Municipalities.
The garden was off the back of the Phoenix Ballroom and wrapped around the ballroom and extended outside the assembly hall. There was an external hallway that led to the meeting rooms but the garden was off to the right. Lino pushed open the elaborate glass door with gold piping and embellishments and opened it onto the picture garden. There were cut bushes and flower beds and a wire bench in the center of a circular cut out of plants. There were also large alabaster statues of angels and of the gods and goddesses from the Parable of Thoth along with circular pathways that surrounded the central area. Along the outside of the garden was the ministers hall and an external corridor with large white marble pillars.
Riuho ran through the door and out into the garden and sat down on a bench of which there were many spaced throughout. Lino came over to him. You could see the glass windows of the Phoenix Ballroom.
“Lets play gift of the goddess,” said Riuho swinging his feet back and forth.
Lino frowned, “We shouldn’t, Dr. Ren told us not to do that with people.”
“No I want to play,” said Riuho and lifted his hand and put his palm up and closed his eyes. A light formed around his hand, the aegis or manifestation of his psychic power, and then his palm started to glow and a light danced around his fingers.
“Put that out,” said Lino grabbing Riuho’s hand.
“No you start,” said Riuho and the light coalesced into a red sphere and hovered in the air over his hand and then moved up and went shooting down the path into the center of the garden. Riuho ran after the light and then it raced forward and hovered in front of Lino’s face.
Lino hesitated for a while and then put his hand out in front of the light and closed his eyes and used his mind to send the sphere out past a row of flowers. Riuho ran to the light and caught it and stopped it from travelling and then sent it back towards Lino with his mind.
Lino caught it and ran forward and sent it back towards the center of the garden. Riuho ran through a bed of flowers and caught it and sent it back.
Some guests came out into the garden and watched the two of them playing.
“The Viceroy’s children are so cute,” said the Lady.
“And so well behaved,” said her escort and continued back down the corridor.
Lino captured the light and then concentrated and made it larger and changed the color of it to white. It sparked as it flew through the air. It started moving faster. Riuho ran at it and caught it with his mind. There was a row of statues along the Phoenix Ballroom outside the windows. Riuho sent the sphere back towards Lino. Lino ran at it. Riuho ran towards the row of statues. Lino sent out his psi trying to capture the psychic projectile and took control of the sphere. The light slammed into a statue and it exploded and blew up the statue and the window behind it. Glass shattered and fell on the ground. The guests inside the Phoenix Ballroom turned stunned at the noise.
Julianna came out of the ballroom and came over to Riuho and Lino. Riuho didn’t move. Lino felt terrible, his psychic power had destroyed the statue entirely. Guests came out to the garden. Then Lino’s father came out and glared at his sons.
“Who did this?” came Charles’ voice, bellowing and accusatory. Lino was so scared he didn’t say anything. Riuho was closer to the statue. The Viceroy grabbed Riuho’s hand and pulled him down the corridor and shoved him off to a minister. Julianna leaned down to Lino and put her hand on his cheek.
“Are you alright? That must have been scary,” she said comforting Lino. Julianna brought Lino back inside and handed him off to the nanny. Julianna went back to the guests and Charles.
The nanny took Lino to the kitchen and served him some food and they spent the rest of the party there.
The party went on for another few hours. When the night came to an end, Julianna pulled Lino behind her. He dragged his feet he was tired. Charles picked him up in his arms and carried him to the car and put him in the back. The nanny got in next to him. Charles kissed Julianna on the cheek.
“You are not coming with us?” Julianna asked.
“No I have some things I need to do at the palace. I will see you tomorrow,” said Charles.
Julianna kissed him and she got in the car. The driver closed the door and then got in and they drove off into the night to the Hallet Hall House. Charles walked back into the palace and went up to a minister.
“Draw up the papers to have him gone,” said Charles. The minister bowed and went about his job. The hall had already cleared. Only the Viceroy and some other ministers were left.
Two days had passed by and Riuho had still not returned. Lino’s father had also been away. Lino had been up in his room in the Hallet Hall House until he heard a commotion and came down the stairs to the main staircase that led to the central foyer. The staircase was long and the central stairway led to the foyer and the front door. There was a glass chandelier over the staircase and the floor was grey and white tile. There was a statue of the goddess near the door. Bowry, the butler was standing at the door as well as another servant dressed in white.
Lino stayed on the staircase half way up, his father’s loud voice was scaring him. Riuho was still dressed in the suit he had been wearing at the party, he was pulling against his father who was holding him by the arm.
“Take him,” said Charles and pulled Riuho forward.
The servant next to Bowry came over to them and took Riuho’s hand. Charles was yelling. It scared Lino, he hid his eyes behind his arm as he continued to peek out and watch. Lino’s father pushed Riuho towards the servant and into her arms. Riuho looked scared. Julianna walked towards them.
“No, he is not your son anymore,” said Charles.
Julianna pleaded with him and tried to go toward Riuho but Charles put out his arm and stopped her.
Riuho fidgeted under the servant’s hold and looked over at his mother. Julianna started to cry. Charles put his hand out to the servant.
“Give me his cit card,” said Charles angrily.
The servant went into her pocket and handed Charles Riuho’s citizenship card. The white and blue card had his name, a picture, an identification number and a chip in it keyed with his DNA.
“You can’t take my son away from me,” cried Julianna.
Charles glared at her and said, “it is already done.” And then he waved off the servant who started walking with Riuho towards the front door.
“Mother?” asked Riuho sounding a little scared. Julianna took a step towards him but Charles pushed her back.
The servant walked Riuho towards the door and then closed it behind her and they were gone. Gone to the Echelons to never return to the City. Riuho was no longer a citizen, the paperwork had been done, his citizenship as of that morning had been revoked. Charles waited for a second and put his hand on Julianna’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes. She was crying. Charles left out the side door. Julianna fell to her knees and continued to sob. Lino came down the stairs and put his hand on his mother’s back and tried to comfort her but he was too young he didn’t understand. She turned towards Lino, still down on her knees, and hugged him as she continued to cry.

Contact Author Natsuya Uesugi:
Book: grydscaen beginnings
ISBN: 978-1-4628-8673-9
Publisher: Xlibris

Phone: 480-577-7624
Website: http://www.grydscaen.com       
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